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Robert Zlatkin is an experienced, and dedicated Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation Attorney. A graduate of the prestigious University of Florida’s Levin College of Law, Robert is a native Floridian with a strong connection to the Tampa community. He graduated Cum Laude from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in History and made a decision early on to make the move to Tampa after law school to give back to the community.

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Legal Practice Areas

Assault & Battery

Under Florida law it is not necessary to actually have physical contact with a victim for the offense to reach the level of assault.

Probation Violation

Probation is considered a form of privilege afforded by the Florida courts, and should be regarded as a state of grace.

Federal Crime

Being charged with a federal crime means harsh mandatory minimum sentences and the full weight of the US government leveled against you.

Domestic Violence

In the state of Florida, there is no specific charge of domestic violence, but the term tends to refer to assault and battery charges.

Juvenile Crimes

When crimes are committed by someone under the age of 18, these crimes are approached, and punished very differently than what is common for adult offenders.

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  • I Had The Pleasure Of Having Mr. Robert Zlatkin As My Attorney And He Really Worked A Miracle For Me!!! He Was Always There For Me When I Needed Him And Kept My Faith High During My Very Serious Case! With His Persistence And Dedication We Came Out On Top Of Everything When Things Were Looking Very Bad For Me..I Want To Thank Him And I’ll Refer Him A Million Times If I Could!

    Zac Smith
  • Robert is an incredible Tampa criminal defense attorney. I would recommend Smith and Eulo Law Firm to anyone looking for top quality legal representation in the Tampa area.

    Audrey Stevenson
  • Robert Zlatkin is an incredible criminal attorney. He has helped me out of a lot of tight spots. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

    Stephen Cone